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Gray Beard Chronicles Podcast

Apr 26, 2023

Based on the average life expectancy of 76, American men can live to enjoy approximately 4000 Saturdays. ENJOY THEM, DO NOT SQUANDER THEM. The intent of this discussion is to focus on the importance of understanding the finite amount of leisure time we actually have here on earth and to make sure we use it wisely....

Apr 19, 2023

Ambition is a great thing, or is it? A lot depends on the subject matter and the manner in which you go about achieving that which you desire. Join the Gray Beards as they discuss this and more! Enjoy...

Apr 11, 2023

People are puzzles, your life is a puzzle. Join the Gray Beards as they discuss how it all fits together. Enjoy!!!

Apr 5, 2023

What is MOJO? Simply put, it's your energy level, your drive, your way of being. Is your MOJO high? Want to learn how to dial it up a notch or two? Join the Gray Beards as they discuss MOJO and how to keep it high, thriving, and driving you in the direction you want to go. Enjoy!!!