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Gray Beard Chronicles Podcast

Jul 31, 2019

Live and Let Live... Seriously, stay in your lane of life and let others operate in theirs. Respect one another and understand we all have the right and free will to believe what we believe and conduct ourselves accordingly as long as it's moral, ethical, and legal.

Jul 24, 2019

A discussion on the importance of identifying and understanding your values, the behaviors supporting them, and the vices we sometimes indulge in. It's a discussion about life, who we are and what we care about. Enjoy!


Jul 17, 2019

We've all heard discussions on fate and destiny and whether these are predetermined for us and under the control of a higher power or are we in control? In this episode Bryant and Kevin will discuss this and provide their thoughts on the question... Is destiny a matter of choice or chance?

Jul 10, 2019

Suicide in America and across the globe has reached epidemic proportions. It's time to start talking about this and increase awareness and prevention efforts.

While The Gray Beards are no experts on the subject, they have many years of combined personal and professional experience with suicide and how it impacts all...

Jul 4, 2019

This is our "Hello World" intro, announcing our new podcast and giving you a sample of the things we'll be talking about and what you can expect.