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Gray Beard Chronicles Podcast

Dec 28, 2022

As we close the books on 2022, it's time to reflect on the year and map out what new and awesome experiences and accomplishments we have ahead of us. Greet each day with gratitude for the gift it is. Live with the prevailing mantra of joy, love, and kindness in everything you do. Here's to an awesome 2023 for you all!

Dec 21, 2022

Whether it's time, money, a shoulder, an ear, knowledge, and/or wisdom, sharing is caring. Join the Gray Beards as they discuss the importance of giving of yourself to enhance the lives of others as well as your own. Enjoy!!!

Dec 14, 2022

Yes, in a technical sense, we all have to think before we speak. Unfortunately it doesn't always appear to be the case. Have you ever said something and wished you hadn't? Ever heard someone else say something and thought "did that sound right in their head before they spit it out"? Join The Gray Beards as they discuss...

Dec 7, 2022

You're not all that, and it's ok. It seems as though humility has become an underrated character trait and strength in our society. Many view it as a sign of low self esteem and/or weakness when in fact it's just the opposite. Join the Gray Beards as they discuss this important topic. Enjoy!!!

Nov 30, 2022

The power of a passionate kiss is immeasurable! Seriously, try it! On a regular basis, unprompted or announced, lay one on your husband, wife, significant other, etc. and see what happens. No doubt it will improve the quality of your relationship and the connection you share. You're welcome. Enjoy!!!