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Gray Beard Chronicles Podcast

Oct 28, 2020

On a recent GBC episode, Dr. Anne Byrd made a comment about nasal breathing and the benefits thereof. Bryant was intrigued by this and decided to make it our topic of discussion for this episode. Inhaling and exhaling through your nose is how our bodies were designed to work. Check out the Gray Beards as they...

Oct 21, 2020

Go BIG or Go Home! It's a challenge statement, a marketing slogan, a mindset, a strategy, etc. We've all heard this and probably said it at some point, what does it mean? The Gray Beards share their thoughts on its meaning and how you can implement this mindset in your life. Enjoy!!!

Oct 14, 2020

The Gray Beards are joined on this episode by Dr. Anne Byrd and Jennifer Mistal-Kashinejad. These two have partnered to launch a life-changing community called MsChiefs. While their initial focus is on improving the lives of women, it's just the beginning of some great things to come. You won't want to miss this! Enjoy...

Oct 7, 2020

While we all possess various talents, some of our talents rise above the rest into the superpower arena. What is a superpower? The Gray Beards discuss this and more. Enjoy!!!